This study examines the first stage of the implementation process of the strategic framework in controlling and preventing non-communicable diseases in Hong Kong. The central question in this study is: How crucial is the preparation stage for the success of policy implementation of the Strategic Framework in controlling and preventing Non-Communicable Diseases in Hong Kong? An extensive theory review was done using theories like policy cycle model, organization theory and implementation theory. The data collection of this case study was executed in Hong Kong. The findings of the case study involved the extensive interviewing of the staff of the Department of Health and the questionnaires filled in by them as well. Objective The aim of this study is to analyze to what extent the preparation stage (objective, participation, communication, structure, coordination and desired outcome) is related to the success of implementing the strategic framework. Methods 15 semi-structured interviews were conducted and a questionnaire was developed and distributed to staff of the Department of Health. Questions included in the questionnaire were to reflect the six variables objective, participation, communication, structure, coordination and desired outcome. Construct validity and reliability was assessed by confirmatory factor analysis, and Cronbach’s Alpha scores were calculated. Also the relationships among the constructs were analyzed with the statistical programme SPSS. Results The success of implementation was highly related to structure (r=0.713), coordination (r=0.940) and participation (r=0.843). The construct validity was good, and the reliability (KMO = 0.741) for all the factors were also excellent. Conclusions The success of implementation may require an authority to direct and lead the process while assuring that their staff gets opportunities to contribute to the planning and developing of the framework. This would correspond to a cooperative implementation strategy rather than a top-down strategy. The results of this study could be used to adjust implementation processes in the future.

Hakvoort, Dr. J.L.M., Thiel, Dr. S. van
Public Administration
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Man, K. (2010, May 19). How crucial is the preparation stage for the success of policy implementation?. Public Administration. Retrieved from