This research paper explores the extent of empowerment translated by Urban PNPM in practices. It focuses on issue of empowerment in relation to participation of the poor and local community in defining, financing, and organizing their priorities. It introduces the problems of community and the poor in decision making process regarding their problems and necessities. In the chapter of theoretical framework, the paper focuses on issues of empowerment in general terms, followed by reviews in specific context: defining and financing urban poor (public) needs. The next two chapters highlight overall design, financing and structure of Urban PNPM in Indonesia and how does it work in practice. -- Relevance to Development Studies -- Empowerment and Participation are crucial elements in development programs, especially for community development and poverty reduction programs.

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Keywords urban PNPM, empowerment, participation, urban poor, public needs, Indonesia
Thesis Advisor Dasgupta, Anirban
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Series Poverty Studies and Policy Analysis (POV)
Pindan, Adriana Datu. (2010, December 17). Empowerment and Participation in The Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (Urban PNPM): the Case of Selected Urban Wards in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Poverty Studies and Policy Analysis (POV). Retrieved from