This paper explores how Performance Management is Transforming Local Governments in Rwanda. It analyzes changes in service provision by assessing planning, budgeting, management operations, monitoring and evaluation. It examines the performance contracts signed between the Mayor and the president on behalf of their constituencies. The paper examines the perceptions of citizens towards the management model, their leaders and the services provided by the LGs. It goes further to probe into how citizens assess the services provided to them. The paper uses Agency theory for analysis. In depth interviews were conducted with fifteen key informants in Bugesera District, Rulindo District, two NGOs, two Ministries and Fifty survey questionnaires in Rweru sector of Bugesera District. Apart from interviews documents were reviewed and findings reveal that Planning and Budgeting became more participatory thus bringing many actors on board. Positive attitudes among citizens have been recorded, participation in community work, prompt paying of taxes and other contributions thus more Local revenues. LGs have become responsive to Local needs.

New Public Management, Performance Management, Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring, Evaluation
Awortwi, Nicholas
Local and Regional Development (LRD)
International Institute of Social Studies

Kobusingye, Flavia Joy. (2010, December 17). How Performance Management is Transforming Local Governments in Rwanda:. Local and Regional Development (LRD). Retrieved from