This comparative study of journalistic practices in Palestine combines ‘strong objectivity’ and media analysis techniques to evaluate the framing narratives of two factional newspapers; Al Karama (‘Dignity’), published by Fatah, and Al Resalah (‘The Message’). Each is shown to have used different religious and political narratives to frame issues of financial reform, corruption and military aid, as well as coverage of key events leading up to the civil conflict of June 2007. The concept of factional journalism is shown to have a great deal to offer in increasing understanding of the influential role and responsibilities of print media in highly polarised conflict situations. The research data has been gathered first-hand and may serve as source material for other research into factional journalism in future.

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Keywords Al Resalah, Al Karama, Factional Journalism, Strong Objectivity, Standpoint Epistemology, Power, Knowledge, Truth, Media, Conflict, Representation, Palestinian context
Thesis Advisor Hintjens, Helen
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Series International Political Economy and Development (IPED)
Al Moghayer, Mohammed Omer. (2010, December 17). A Textual Framing Analysis of Palestinian Factional. International Political Economy and Development (IPED). Retrieved from