Perceptions of natural resources are diverse and multilayered depending on what ideology one follows. Discourses on dams are dynamic and have gone through an interesting journey and are at present on the crossroads. In the current times the earlier knowledge claims role and methods of development pursued are being questioned by social movements, civil society, and other key actors. The question of equity, rights, and sustainability are being raised at various levels along with the neglect of ecological considerations in economic planning and development. There is lack of clarity on how to proceed ahead as the power balance between the various actors is not equitable.

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Keywords social movements, state, NGOs
Thesis Advisor Saith, Ashwani
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Series Politics of Alternative Development (PAD)
Singh, Ruchika. (2004, December). Taming the Waters: Dominant Discourses on Dams in India (1947-2004). Politics of Alternative Development (PAD). Retrieved from