Since the 1970's a global restructuring of capitalist production and investment has taken place and this can be seen to have wide-scale gender impact in migration trends. According to 1996 ILO Report there is a feminization of international labor migration, which is one of the most striking economic and social phenomena of recent times. Through migration , many women seek other opportunities to break away from their oppressive local conditions. Within this migratory movement, many migrant women become involved -with or without consent -in the traffic in persons. This is a global phenomenon 1 that should be understood as a broad and international problem which covers diverse forms of exploitation, commerce and human rights violations, within a range of sectors where migrant women work in asprostitution, domestic service, entertainment, marriage and informal work.

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Keywords united nations system, cedaw, womentrafficking
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Series Women and Development (W&D)
Vera, Cecilia Rivera. (2001, December). Policy in the Trafficking of Women for purposes of prostitution:. Women and Development (W&D). Retrieved from