This master’s thesis looks at the influence social value orientation (SVO) and the consideration of future consequences (CFC) have on people’s decision in the social dilemma of green consumerism. A survey tests the effect of respondents SVO and CFC on their attitude towards, and willingness to pay for sneakers made from recycled plastic. The collected data confirms the prevailing existence of the attitude-behaviour gap and supports the importance of demographic factors like education, income and nationality on respondents decision. The results further show that subjects social value orientation effects their consideration to buy (attitude) the sneaker made from recycled plastic, while subject’s consideration of future consequences influences their willingness to pay for them (behaviour).

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Thesis Advisor J. van Exel
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Series Business Economics
K.C. Ehntholt. (2019, November 7). Who Wears Sneakers Made from Recycled Plastic?. Business Economics. Retrieved from