The television industry has been fastly developing, from traditional and limited TV to high technology, and nowadays people can watch TV wherever and whenever they want. The emergence of the Internet and then video-on-demands services has played a revolutionary role in the television industry. Netflix is one of the leading streaming companies, with more than 200 million users in over 190 countries. Netflix has a competitive advantage due to its business model and quality and exclusive media content. Further, the integration of highly developed algorithmic technologies and social media presence is a significant strategic approach. Netflix manages multiple social media pages with a country-specific approach. Social media marketing allows brands to strengthen their brand awareness, create brand loyalty and get insights about their audience. Social media is a two-way communication tool where users can interact and strengthen their relationships. Therefore, brands not only showcase their products or services but also achieve higher engagement and build brand communities. Twitter is one of the main social media platforms used by media companies. This research explores Netflix France’s Twitter account by answering the following research question: ‘’How does Netflix France use Twitter as a marketing tool before and during Covid-19?''. The researcher analyzed a total of 500 tweets by applying qualitative content analysis. The results show that Netflix France applies consistent social media marketing strategies that align with its playful and youthful brand identity. Netflix France focuses on the promotion of popular and international original series by using positive feelings. However, the company's marketing strategy changed during the pandemic. This difference is related to the increasing binge-watching habits and changing audience behaviors. The tweets during the pandemic seem to be, more engaging, descriptive, longer, and promotion oriented. Furthermore, the use of call-to-action doubled, which results in higher engagement and interactivity. The overall brand voice is exciting, engaging, and humorous, which creates an approachable, young, and friendly brand image.

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Dr. Michael Wayne
Media & Creative Industries
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Eliz Uralova Kapitanova. (2022, June 7). Changing marketing strategies during the pandemic: A qualitative analysis of Netflix France’s marketing strategy on Twitter before and during the pandemic. Media & Creative Industries. Retrieved from