This paper is a discursive approach to a set of governmental (hence public) texts commonly known as Plan Colombia Initiative. The two main texts under study are Plan Colombia (2000) and Colombia’s Strategy (2007). The Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) methodology used frames texts in global discourse of ‘War on Drugs’, national urgencies and demands regarding the internal armed conflict and narratives of drug traffic, environmental protection, and local people. The time frame of the study is from 2000-2009 while the intended spatial focus is Amazon region, although the contextualization needed for discourse analysis purposes, and the spatial evolution of armed conflict, convey wider historical and geographical boundaries.

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Keywords Plan Colombia, armed conflict, war on drugs, alternative development, environmental institutions, Critical Discourse Analysis
Thesis Advisor Cameron, John
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Series Development Research (DRES)
Bermudez Urdaneta, Martin Alejandro. (2010, December 17). Environmental nuances in an armed conflict scenario: the ‘war on drugs’ discourse landing on Colombian territories. Development Research (DRES). Retrieved from