This research paper evaluated the social policies of Tanzanian gov-ernment if are able to mitigate the problem of youth unemployment in Dar es Salaam and also if the same policies are applicable to youth offenders of the property crimes. This study was done in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The study results showed that, the unem-ployment amongst youth are significantly increasing despite of the policies and programs put in place which appears to be sound in combating the youth unemployment. Factors leading to such unemployment were slow economic growth, retrenchments of workers which carried out as an advent of implementation of SAPs, rural–urban migration, and population growth rate amongst youth, lack of education and skills and indi-vidual problems. Due to this situation the study also revealed that, there is ancillary problem of significant increase of property crimes amongst youth in Dar es Salaam.

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Keywords Social policies, employment, unemployment, property crimes, Dar es Salaam and youth
Thesis Advisor Pegler, Lee
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Series Work, Employment and Globalisation (WEG)
Mapunda, Lisungu Magnus. (2010, December 17). Youth unemployment and social policies -Resolving social conflict? : The case of social policies for youth in Dar es Sa-laam-Tanzania. Work, Employment and Globalisation (WEG). Retrieved from